Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Swiftsure Ranch at The Cowboy Ball on Thursday July 11th, 2013. The auction was a resounding success, thanks to the generosity of those participating on all sides, whether bidding or auctioning off their skills. Alex put himself on the block, auctioning off a private show, which raised an incredible $5000 to contribute towards the fantastic work being done at The Swiftsure Ranch. For more information about how you can get involved please go to


About the 2013 Annual Cowboy Ball

The funds generated from the Annual Cowboy Ball allow Swiftsure Ranch to teach the students without cost. The fundraiser accounts for 50% of the operating budget. Over the years, the success of this Ball has played a major role in the services Swiftsure is able to offer the community such as their affiliation with the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind as well as Camp Rainbow Gold and Higher Ground.


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