Alex Woodard - Open Up



Lessons born in the Wonder Years nostalgia of a 1980s childhood find their wings decades later, in this true coming-of-age story of a singer-songwriter reinventing his life outside the shadow of his mother’s dementia.

“A work so full of intangible inspiration it has to be read from cover to cover to be fully appreciated.”

— IndieReader

“Strong and beautiful… full of heart, humor, and unexpected treasures one might find in an old trunk of well-lived memories.”

— Dr. Jordan Alexander

Open Up unfolds during the same day as the #1 bestselling Living Halfway, with all of the heart, vulnerability, and humanity of its literary fraternal twin, but none of the cynicism.

Familiar scenes are seen through a different lens, suggesting not only the power of a changed perspective, but also what beauty we might find inside, if we can just open up.

The Companion Album

Alex Woodard - Black Eye Blue - Open Up Companion Album

These songs were born when the stories in the companion book Open Up actually happened, way before being an author was even a glimmer on my horizon.

They were recorded over the span of more than a decade with Grammy-winning John Would in L.A., across shifting eras in both of our lives…most recently in late 2021. And now, finally, they’re seeing the light of day.