For the sender

Love Letters from Vietnam

Stories with a soundtrack.

Book three in the FOR THE SENDER Series


Dear Sergeant Fuller,
You won’t know me for another two years, but I am your daughter.

So begins a letter sent decades into the past, from a daughter searching for answers to a soldier serving in war-torn Vietnam, in this true story of service and sacrifice, love and redemption, and the power of forgiveness.

In the highly-anticipated release of the third book in the FOR THE SENDER series, FOR THE SENDER: Love Letters From Vietnam, Woodard gives us the story of a passionate yet deeply flawed soldier as told through the letters he sent home from the war and the incredible letters sent back in time to him from his daughter.

A cardboard box with the words Love Letters from Vietnam etched on the lid holds the soldier’s scrawled thoughts, written on weathered Air Force stationery.



These letters sent from the sergeant to his young wife in east Texas wait buried in a closet for years before a fateful, deadly winter night leads the soldier’s daughter, Jennifer, to open the box, read the letters, and answer her father back in time. She tucks her letters into a package with no address, because she no longer knows where to send them.

Until she is sitting in a theater in Austin, Texas, at a performance by singer-songwriter Alex Woodard and hears him talk about writing songs inspired by letters. Her remarkable correspondence with her father takes Woodard on his first steps into the dichotomy between dark and light, as he imagines himself as Sergeant Fuller in Vietnam and begins to write songs sung from Fuller’s heart.

Alex’s quest to learn more about the man and the war he fights both in Vietnam and back at home evolves into an extraordinary journey, propelled by an album included with the book that features Woodard as Sergeant Fuller and his friend Molly Jenson as Jennifer.

Their voices carry the songs inspired by these beautiful, raw, revealing love letters not only sent from Vietnam, but as the story unfolds, beyond.

Excerpt from the book

Standing there shuffling the memories on the counter, I remember what I sometimes forget. forgiveness. compassion. gratitude. three roads leading to being here now, where we can give the next moment a chance to exist without prejudice, so we can love what’s here, while it’s still here: each other, ourselves, our freedom.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to veterans’ causes featured throughout the book, including Shelter to SoldierTeam RWB, and the Swiftsure Equine Therapy Ranch.

An incredible journey of song, life, love and relationships
Michael A Jones
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Those who are familiar with Alex either as a musician or a writer already know the words I’m about to write are truth….those who are not should commit a few moments of time to a discovery of an artist who has truly found an incredible way to touch people down to their souls.
Love and Learn.
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Then Love some more! These letters, songs, and words written by Alex touched me to the core. You will be glad you purchased this book and the accompanying CD. His message of acceptance and compassion is woven through these true - life stories and made amazingly poignant by the observations Alex perceived. You will be mesmerized by the stories interwoven with Alex's story of understanding with his horse's skiddish temperament. His thoughts and feelings are so relevant and timeless. The stories in this book are a true gift that keeps on giving. Share it with anyone who has a heart - and it will expand 10 sizes!!
I loved the first CD more than the second
Kindle Customer
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I read this book today, after rereading one of the author's previous books. I brushed lives with him years ago, in a beautiful equine therapy program in Idaho. This book is so much more than I imagined. Its almost like I could hear him reading it to me. Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience and knowledge of life. It's full of humor, heartache, and a good pinch of snark. Always a fan, Boise State hoodie.
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The book is inspiring and some letters make you cry!!! I read over 50 pages the first night because I couldn't put it down. This author is very talented and will keep you interested.

“These songs and stories are less about loss,” Woodard says, “and more about the extraordinary things that can happen in ordinary moments when love looks like an action, not a feeling.

“There’s some kind of resurrection born in these small things we do for each other, and this chance to start over in every moment is the thread running through the letters, stories, and songs.”

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