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The Pendulum

Walking down the empty main thoroughfare, I couldn’t hear them at all… the loudest of voices, weakened by the inevitable falling apart of things. Feels like Covid my family told each other. On this, the busiest holiday weekend of the year. I’d been watching airfares for

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what carries me

All I Could See Was Her

I’m not sure what happened, really. All I could see was her. Other people were there, of course. She told me to look at them, but I could only glance
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Get Off The Boat

I’m watching college football, and just saw a Geico commercial. You know, the one with the gecko. He’s in a remote-control toy boat, being spun around by a little kid,
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He Existed

Dear Scarlett, I know you had a hard day yesterday.Sitting in a courtroom, facing the man who claimed you never lost your little boy. The man who preached that the
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Other People Suck

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time reading news online, it’s that other people suck. I mean, let me tell you about my day so far. I was
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A Single Moment

The small boy watches his dad on the makeshift stage, tucked in a sprawling backyard that backs to the coastal mountains of San Diego. A toy guitar is slung by
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Liberty Model

My eyes settle on a plexiglass case in the corner of the living room, and trace the contours of the weathered trumpet inside until they rest on the words Liberty
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