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People are waving at me right now, standing on ginormous floating beds of flowers.  Am I supposed to wave back? I mean, they’re behind the digital pixels and glass screens of television.  They can’t see me. But they all look so happy. And that’s been a

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what carries me


This time of year, I usually send out the same story about a little girl in a puffy pink jacket, who I sat next to on a flight around Christmastime.
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If You Listen

I wasn’t there when she was born.  I didn’t even know she existed, not until a couple of months later, when I smiled at the mischievous glance from a bundle
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A Simple Twist of Fate

We went back to where we began. Where, over twenty years ago, we were characters in a Bob Dylan song. They sat together in the parkAs the evening sky grew darkShe
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The Chicken and The Hawk

We sat outside on the patio furniture, sun-drunk in the calm before the Thanksgiving storm.  My Labrador was sprawled out on the edge of the circled chairs, and the lone
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What’s She Going Home To

Almost 15 years ago, I watched a woman walk into a small listening room in San Diego, in a slow unfolding of steps and pauses that I’ll never forget. She
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There Are Some Things I’m Never Going To Be

There are some things I’m never going to be. Yesterday I was driving through the small town east of my house, and stopped at a crosswalk as a group of
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