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a collection of essays

One part social commentary, one part memoir, and all parts perfectly inappropriate for these challenging times.

A note from Alex

Well, I wrote a book. I mean, I’ve written a few. But this one is different. This book started out as a collection of rants from a foul-mouthed, 57-year-old chain-smoking
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What readers are saying

Raw, Authentic Musings on Life
Cindy S
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Alex Woodard writes with an authenticity and vulnerability that captivates. This book makes the reader contemplate life and one's own beliefs. Will be checking out all of his other books immediately!
An Absolute Gem
Dan Rowe
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Living Halfway is an incredible piece of artwork. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, I didn't want to put it down and didn't want it to end. Woodard has a raw, honest style, and his creativity has delivered a book that is exquisitely unique and pensive, yet wonderfully comforting and optimistic. Highly recommended.
My favorite read of 2021
Kindle Customer
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I read this book today, after rereading one of the author's previous books. I brushed lives with him years ago, in a beautiful equine therapy program in Idaho. This book is so much more than I imagined. Its almost like I could hear him reading it to me. Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience and knowledge of life. It's full of humor, heartache, and a good pinch of snark. Always a fan, Boise State hoodie.
Beautifully written and so relatable.
Katherine W Twells
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I read this upon a reco from a friend and so delighted I did. Alex Woodard is a beautiful writer. The story mixes humor with raw vulnerability and done in a way I think we can all relate. You will see aspects of yourself in the unfolding journey. It’s a story about life in all it’s pain and beauty and written with great artistry. Helpful

In this collection of hilarious, astute, and sometimes heart-wrenching essays, Alex Woodard reveals imperfect truths about relationships, family, society and career as only he could – through the eyes of a struggling singer-songwriter caught between his 1980s childhood and today’s comparative-happiness landscape.

The Companion Album

Be prepared to laugh out loud, maybe first at the absurdity lurking beneath a curated social media post, and then again as you pause and wonder Wait, is that me?

Because yeah, that could be you. Don’t worry, though, you’re not alone.

We’ve all spent some time in cougargarten.*

*cougargarten (n) – chardonnay-sponsored, middle-aged playground focused on false paths to fulfillment

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