Well, I wrote a book.

I mean, I’ve written a few.

But this one is different.

This book started out as a collection of rants from a foul-mouthed, 57-year-old chain-smoking lady living in a run-down trailer park. She’d come to life in moments of vexed observation, when I’d notice irritating human behavior, but didn’t want to do the actual complaining myself.

That story evolved into someone else’s, though.


It’s called Living Halfway.

We’re also wrapping up an album that accompanies the stories in the book, For-The-Sender-style. Your favorite Nickel Creek guitar player Sean Watkins produced the songs, which we recorded live, both in my living room and a small outbuilding in the back 40 of Sean’s family property… those will be available for free on the all the streaming platforms, the same day as the book.

Oh, and there’s a special something that I’m stoked about, which marries these stories and songs. I’ll share that as soon as it’s ready.

Also, I got kind of destroyed yesterday in the ocean. Mentally, physically, and ego-ly.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.