How do you thank a dead person?

They can’t hear you. 

They’re not on Twitter. Or TikTok. Or InstaAnything. 

They’re not listening to Elon Musk. Or Donald Trump. Or any of the Kardashians.

They don’t know you’re grateful to them.

For fighting.

Not with words. That’s easy… consider the character of the people weaponizing their words across your chosen screen. Do you think they’d have your back in a dark alley?

You know who would?

The NFL player who turned down a multi-million, multi-year contract in 2002 to enlist in the U.S Army after 9/11. He died while serving in Afghanistan. 

We forget how united we were after 9/11. How we felt like the very ground we walked on was threatened. How we looked to men and women with braver souls than ours to fight for us.

Memorial Day was born as Decoration Day, intended to honor those who died while protecting what we now assume is a given.

Nothing is a given.

But we forget.

And maybe that’s how you thank a dead person.

You remember.

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