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He Existed

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Dear Scarlett,

I know you had a hard day yesterday.Sitting in a courtroom, facing the man who claimed you never lost your little boy. The man who preached that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. The man who’s been feeding lies to vulnerable people for too long. The man who has profited hugely on running away from the truth. Another sloppy male, finding his voice in the muck of our lesser nature.

Perhaps ‘man’ isn’t the right word.

But you were so brave. I watched you… hell, seems like the whole nation watched. What I heard loudest was you saying, ‘My son existed.’

I know he did, from the stories you told me over dinner, the photos you gave me, the videos you sent my way.

And I sent a song your way, too, about how alive Jesse really was.

We performed it live in his honor, but I’ve kept the video private for a long, long time.

Until now.

Because we all could use a reminder.

He existed.


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