I originally received an advanced digital copy of this book for review, but the publishers were kind enough to send me a printed copy along with a sample CD. I’m so glad they did. The book itself is small and delicate, filled with poetry and black and white photos like secret treasures. The feel of the book reflects perfectly the subject matter. Alex Woodard is a country musician who was inspired by a series of very personal letters he received, and used the inspiration to write a dozen songs. He is humble and empathetic. He treats each letter, each interaction, like a secret treasure.

I promised myself I wouldn’t compare this book to Dave Carroll’s book United Breaks Guitars, other than to say this book could not be more different than that one. Dave Carroll boldly proclaims that he changed the world. Alex Woodard humbly opens himself up to the world changing him.

I recommend getting this book .The actual book, not the ebook. Hold it in your hands and open up the pages, revealing the delicate treasures inside. It sounds like I’m overstating, but FOR THE SENDER is not just a story, it’s an experience.

By Beatnik Mary

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