If I had to condense the night down to one word, I would have to use the word ‘intimate.’ The theater itself was small and quaint but it contributed to the heart of the evening perfectly. The use of Woodard’s personal furniture on stage was a symbolic invitation to each audience member to come inside his home and to catch a glimpse of the story that he wanted to tell. A heartfelt connection arose between the artists and the people inside that 1920s theater. A connection that contributed to an atmosphere that was both cozy and comfortable.

~ Christian Rodas, KPRi

from marianne

January 24, 2012, 5:02 am
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Date: January 21, 2012 5:45:20 PM PST

To: forthesender@gmail.com


I attended the 9:00 pm concert last Thursday. What loving…and lovely…people you are.

This project of yours reflects your belief in music to help and heal, and expresses your dear love for others. This is the very best music performance/project I have ever attended. I can’t thank you enough nor can I stop thinking of that wonderful night.

Please, please, please let me know how I can buy a copy of the book and CD. I could not get one on the concert night. Perhaps I should send money to the PO box listed on the website? I’ll do that.

I so look forward to the next performance and/or CD by this beautiful group of musicians. You are a blessing to our local community and to the world through your inspiring music and love for others.

Alex: Kona carries your love for her/him within–right at this moment and always. You were a dear support to help Kona with the transition to a new, spiritual life adventure. That is not a small accomplishment, Alex, so please know what a loving thing you did. Kona is blessed to have you.

With deep regards to all of you,


from jessica

January 24, 2012, 5:00 am
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Alex

Hi, this is Jessica. On the way out on Thursday night my friends and I introduced ourselves… the gals from all over these United States… myself living in Northern VA, near Washington DC.

We gal friends had planned the trip since we heard of the event…..early December. I was excited knowing that I was to see my friends and going to hear the voices of those we have heard and loved before… Jon’s, Molly’s and Sara’s.

We were curious and excited to be attending.

After making those initial plans however, the rest of December and beginning of January proved to be very heart wrenching weeks…deaths and funerals filled my days… the last being my Daddy’s.

On New Years morning, while heading to Nashville with my college bound daughter, Annie, I received news that my healthy, very active Daddy had had a stroke.

The days to follow were difficult as I made my way from Nashville to Savannah, Ga and spent the next week beside the bed of my Daddy… hand holds, tears and whispers of love and thank yous In his ears. His stroke proved to be fatal and a week later, he passed. I was there as he took his last breath… that final chapter on this earth….a spiritual moment as he made his way to the other side.

After finally returning home with those clothes that had been packed for a 4 day journey which had ended up a 2 week one, my friends thought I may just need to stay home, rest, recoup….
perhaps not try to venture to the west coast.

I decided to go ahead, make the trek, and so very grateful that I did. I can’t tell you how much the night meant to me… a night of the beginning of my healing. The letters, the love, and the heart of all those who were apart of the show were like a gift …one that I will always treasure.

All this to say that I hope you all will continue to share this with others…. I am truly a blessed soul to have been there for the “birth” of your project… FOR THE SENDER. I know there there are many more souls to touch….

With a grateful heart…


from jason

January 24, 2012, 4:59 am
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

You don’t know me from a sack of potatoes Alex, but you left this 52 year-old man in a puddle of tears ever since the night of your LIFE changing event for me. My friend brought me as her guest that evening, I had NO idea what I was coming to and well Alex, I listened, I learned, I remembered, I cried, I smiled, I marveled, and I so many other things that it would take an hour to write it all…

The “Shelter” Letter hit home the most. I had a similar experience and then some… I need to write the letter.

“The Box” … I invite you to see my Kona. Her name was Molly, a black lab. I could not turn of the tears to even read the letter on the screen so it’s a good thing you had it recorded so I could hear it.

I was not present when she died she was with my ex wife, and I am going to write to Molly.

I too am a singer, guitar player…. mediocre at best, but it is a passion as you know and it has helped me make it through some dark and lonely nights, a song and a guitar are wonderful friends to have on those days and so I dabble from time to time.

Anyway it would be an honor to meet you and shake your hand someday as I was unable to express a deep and sincere thanks to you at the event I KNOW that this will go viral very soon for you Alex and “FOR THE SENDER” will be a Franchise like the Vagina Monologues are. I see that for you and the team in the future.

I will never forget 1/19/2012.


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