Last year a wildfire came within a couple feet of our house. What was green alpine landscape was scorched black, and one of the few houses in our little canyon was burned to the ground. Our place survived the fire, only to be buried by two massive mudslides a couple of weeks later after torrential rain and flash flooding.

No lives were lost, only a canyon full of trees and grass and habitat for the deer, elk, bears, and coyotes that roam our hills. When I was finally allowed back into the canyon after evacuation, it was like driving across another planet’s topography and place in time.

This is a natural process that has cycled since the beginning of time, necessary for the land to regenerate. We were just in the way.

Patience and faith in that kind of process isn’t easy, but it’s nature’s way. And our’s.

Trust the process through your own storms.

Once a week we’re posting my thoughts on the message from each For The Sender chapter, making our way through both books and giving away a book autographed by the For The Sender family each time.

Here’s Chapter 3, Book 1. Have you ever had to trust the process, even through times of devastation and loss, to find that the ‘right’ thing was waiting for you on the other side? Share your story in the comments below and we’ll choose a post and send you a book autographed by the For The Sender family.