The ocean can heal deep wounds and bring a peace that’s hard to find anywhere else. The For The Sender Holiday show this past Sunday was a special one… with your help, we raised enough money to fund an entire surf camp for veterans next summer. Soldiers who’ve never experienced that healing power of the ocean are going to get a chance, because of you.

During that show, the ghost of a Vietnam veteran floated out through an old radio on stage. So did the voice of his daughter, who wrote letters to him back in time, searching for answers. I sang a song from behind the eyes of the soldier, and Molly sang from the daughter’s heart. And we moved on with the night because there was so much talent on stage, so many other songs to sing.

And this hasn’t been announced officially yet, not until after the first of the year, but Molly and I will be doing all the new songs, and that radio will be playing the Love Letters from Vietnam that inspired the music, on February 29th at the North Coast Repertory Theatre.

There are only 150 seats available and if you want to join us, message me and I’ll send you the ticket link.

I brought two of the veterans from the new book up on stage Sunday night… they are separated by decades and wars but the one thing that has helped heal them both is surfing. And that’s what brought us together one morning in the ocean not far from my house.

From attending the show on Sunday to buying the book, thanks again for helping make that experience happen for other soldiers.

Here’s to some joy in 2016.