‘When’s the next one?’

The audience was filing out of the historic La Paloma theater when Jack Tempchin, a living legend of a songwriter, asked that question from the stage, to no one in particular.

I didn’t know. I felt like I’d been holding a bird in my hand, this little dove, and I’d finally let her take flight into the early winter night.But I didn’t know where this For The Sender benefit project of songs about stories would land.

I didn’t know when, or if, we’d perform at La Paloma again. I didn’t even know that ‘La Paloma’ translates to ‘The Dove,’ which would have made the bird metaphor a better story back then.

I didn’t know that someone in the audience that night would serve as a catalyst to an established publisher, who’d commit resources to an entire series of books and songs about letters, helping me to make a real difference in the lives of the letter senders, the causes they chose to support, and myself.

I didn’t know that my first book would inspire a master’s last book. I didn’t know I’d go on the road with him, write a song for him, find a friend in him.

I didn’t know, because that night at the La Paloma was just the beginning.

We’re not at the end, not yet. Almost 8 years have passed since that winter night, and it’s time to bring For The Sender home for the holidays.

So, For The Sender is returning to where it all began: the historic La Paloma Theater, on Saturday, December 14th, at 7:30pm, for our annual Holiday Show.

This place has only 325 seats and is open to all ages. We played two sold-out concerts here the night For The Sender was born, but that won’t happen this year.  Just one show, with all proceeds going to the Team RWB surf camp for veterans.

We’ll announce the lineup as the weeks unfold, but you can count on familiar For The Sender faces (and voices).

Including Jack Tempchin, who will be there again, onstage at La Paloma, in answer to his own question.

‘The next one’ is here.