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Last night I was sitting on my horse when the sky erupted in color. I fumbled with my phone to capture the moment, thinking to myself that we try to capture a lot of moments these days but sometimes we forget to actually live them.

There’s a new For The Sender song called ‘Breathe The Sky’ about a man named Frank who died from ALS. His best friend sent me a letter and we just surprised him yesterday with songs about it. ‘Breathe The Sky’ is about how Frank is all around his best friend, in the sky he breathes, and as we played for him my heart grew bigger and bigger.

After everyone left, I got in my truck and headed out to my horse. As the dusk came on I thought about a lyric from ‘Breathe The Sky’ that we had just sung that afternoon: And now the sun is setting on the lake tonight / Just the beginning of another morning light.

Isn’t this what we need to remember when things get dark? That there’s a promise there of light, if we can just get through these moments now?

That’s when I looked up to see color where there was none before and wondered if this sunset was the start of another sunrise.

Or maybe it was just Frank saying ‘Thanks.’