The fire was starting to die last night when I thought about how we sometimes make decisions as antidotes. Some of us get married as an antidote to being down at the end of the bar at closing time, looking for someone, anyone, after everyone else has gone home. We sometimes run away from these things that scare us, instead of running to the things we love. And in the end, we all choose one or the other.

But what if these things we’re scared of weren’t even options? What if we decided that being down at the end of the bar at closing time didn’t exist as a possibility for us anymore?

We wouldn’t need to avoid it. Or have an antidote for it.

There’s a big, beautiful world out there that we can choose to be in, but not because we’re running away from something.

More because we’re running to something.

There’s a big difference there, and you can see it in a kid named Sam. He died yesterday from a disease called progeria, which caused him to age extremely quickly and presented a world that most of us would run away from.

But he ran to it.

His three philosophies to living a happy life are brilliant, and if you want to run to beauty, watch this.

RIP Sam. And thank you.