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Ranch and Coast features FOR THE SENDER Holiday Show

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For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam

Author and singer-songwriter Alex Woodard will celebrate the launch of his third book, For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam, with a special holiday concert event at the Belly Up Tavern on Sunday, December 20 from 8-10pm, where Woodard will preview some of the new songs in the accompanying album releasing on February 12. Woodard’s new book and album reveal the heartfelt story of Sgt. John K. Fuller who served in the Vietnam War. The book encompasses Sgt. Fuller’s remarkable correspondence he had with his daughter, powerful stories of service and sacrifice, love and redemption and the power of forgiveness. This one-of-a-kind show will feature Woodard along with a number of Grammy-winning, platinum-selling artists and local musicians, including Jon Foreman, Molly Jenson, Jordan Pundik, Jack Tempchin, Sean Watkins, Nena Anderson, and Graham Nancarrow, among others.

For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam

“Through the power of music and storytelling, I am honored to have the opportunity to share Sgt. Fuller’s incredible stories about his military service, challenges and triumphs, and bond with his daughter, Jennifer Fuller, to the world. Storytelling is a lost art and something that should never be diminished,” says Woodard. “In this specific book series, I imagined myself as Sgt. Fuller and put myself in his shoes when I wrote and produced these songs. Bringing his experiences to life and sharing what he endured through the book and through the music is something I am very passionate about. I hope the book in addition to the 13 songs in the album are felt by and relatable to the veteran community in the most authentic way.”


In partnership with Switchfoot’s BRO-AM Foundation, proceeds from the holiday show, along with additional donations, will benefit Team RWB’s surf camp next year for veterans. Furthermore, a portion of proceeds raised from the book will be donated to veterans’ causes featured throughout the book, including Shelter to Soldier, Team RWB, and the Swiftsure Equine Therapy Ranch. General admission tickets are priced at $18. (

For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam

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