I was doing my business when my eyes fell to the book on top of the toilet.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

I asked her what exactly she needed to heal and who exactly Louise Hay was, and she told me I probably wouldn’t be into the book and to forget about the author.

So I did.

Until I got a letter from Louise Hay about six months later, welcoming me to her publishing house as part of the Hay House author family.

I’d self-published a book called Four The Sender: Four Letters, Twelve Songs, One Story, which had fallen into the hands of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who was a New York Times bestselling author for Hay House and a legendary motivational speaker.

Wayne had encouraged Reid Tracy, president of Hay House, to sign me to a three-book deal. Hay House re-released my first book and immediately sent me off to speak and play at a convention center full of people, where I met Louise and started to understand the tremendous impact she’d had through her own books and those she published.

The company she founded gave me new opportunities to share my words and songs, including publishing three of my books and albums, putting me on stage in front of thousands of people, and featuring me on a PBS special. But maybe most importantly, I developed one of the great friendships of my life with Wayne.

Wayne passed away two years ago yesterday.

And today, Louise Hay left us.

We still have her books and those of the authors she championed. Her legacy will live longer than any of us.

And I still have that letter she sent me.

RIP, Louise.

Thank you for the light you brought to so many.