This photo was taken in the first hour I had Kona… I had unwrapped a disposable camera and was throwing the plastic away when I turned to see her resting her head on the side mirror, waiting for me to come back.

It would be that way for the next fourteen years.

When she died, it was a heartbreaking loss for me. But I found that her passing left a little crack that let the light shine into my heart. I felt the loss so deeply that I started feeling everything else deeply too, and I hadn’t done that in a long time.

Once a week we’re posting my thoughts on the message from each For The Sender chapter, making our way through both books and giving away a book autographed by the For The Sender family each time.

Here’s Chapter 4, Book 1. Have you ever had your heart break, only to find that more light shined in? Share your story in the comments below and we’ll choose a post and send you a book autographed by the For The Sender family.