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For some reason Easter used to remind me of what I don’t have yet, but now it reminds me of what I do have. I was so stoked to hang out with Dan Hamilton and his family this Sunday. Dan wrote the first letters in the new For The Sender book and can also cook a steak. We sat in the backyard playing songs and telling stories, and for some reason the first song I played was Springsteen’s ‘Atlantic City.’ There’s a line in that song that says ‘Everything dies baby, that’s a fact / But maybe everything that dies someday comes back’ and just as I was about to sing that lyric I thought ‘uh oh, today is about somebody dying and a resurrection and I wonder if I should sing this because I know Dan and his family are religious folks and why did I choose this song I hope they aren’t offended oh well here we go.’ I looked at him as I sung and he smiled his big warm smile and nodded. Whew.

Thanks Dan.

Oh, and his four-year old granddaughter told me I was handsome and then committed to helping me find any and all the plastic eggs in the backyard and then dutifully danced around while I played guitar. Then she opened the eggs we found and took out the dollar bills that were inside and wadded them up in her little hands and gave them all to me. She also told me to keep my elbows off the table.