I always thought he’d marry me and my wife-to-be. Not Skye Dyer, of course. She’s taken. But she could sing at the wedding. Just a few of us, on Maui, so Wayne wouldn’t have to travel.

It’s funny, these plans we make when we don’t even know we’re making them. I remember the first time I met Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Someone had told me that my first For The Sender book had inspired his next book, which I didn’t believe until later that day when I was doing my very first event for Hay House. I looked up from my guitar and there he was, all in white, standing in the back of the room. We talked afterwards and he had some very very kind things to say about what I was doing, and I said thanks and ‘we’ll see where it goes.’

He put his hand on my shoulder and in that deep all-knowing voice he said ‘it will go where you want it to go.’

I miss him already.