Awhile back I recorded a song at the piano on a handheld tape recorder. I released the scratchy, rough first-time-ever-playing-it version as a hidden track at the end of an album called ‘Up With The Sun.’ I had found some old home videos of when I was a little boy and as I watched the grainy, stilted images, I was shaken by how grateful I was for my mom.

So I wrote it down. And sang it out.

I recently found a photograph of my mom and I from a Mother’s Day sometime in the late ’70s and the picture reminded of that song. You can hear it here

Happy Mother’s Day to the women out there who struggle and sacrifice to make the world a better place for their kids.

Like my mom.

in moving pictures
my momma’s holding me
i’m so much older now
than i ever thought i’d be

i think it’s my birthday
there are candles on a cake
my momma’s smiling
at every move i make
in pictures faded and gray
life’s like that some ways

then i am running
on a playground in winter time
i’m king of the world
and the camera in your eye
and everything’s alright
life’s like that sometimes

and i don’t know if ever told you
just what that meant to me

and so this is thank you
for all you’ve given me
you gave me life
and all these memories
wrapped up in quiet beauty
life’s like that to me