Rain is sheeting across the pasture right now, the lower flood plain of the ranch staying true to the FEMA designation. Brothers Osbourne is playing the halftime show for the Detroit/Chicago game, and just as I start singing along with the first song, the power goes out.

These two guys are on stage in front of a huge crowd at Detroit’s Ford Field, and a national TV audience of millions on Thanksgiving Day, and the power goes out.

They’re standing in front of a massive curtain, and the camera pans back to reveal a show ready to explode after their acoustic opening. Cheerleaders are ready to strut around with good-natured stripper moves. A full band is ready for the downbeat. Lights are ready to flash and strobe.

And the power goes out.

I’ve been there. Not at this level, not with cheerleaders, but I’ve been there. Where the opportunity is golden, where everybody is ready, where every step taken over mountains and valleys has led to right here, right now.

And the power goes out.

It’s Thanksgiving, right? This is the day to be grateful for every opportunity, and if we’re feeling particularly philosophical, we should be thankful for the power going out, too. That can be a tough ask, though. Brothers Osbourne does not look grateful at the moment.

But when our own power goes out, we can be thankful we have another day above ground, another day to start something new, another day to tie up loose ends, another day to stay strong until the power comes back on.

The two brothers are still standing in front of that massive curtain, looking at each other and their monitors, strumming and testing mics in a wash of sterile light likely funded by generators. I’m both surprised and stoked that the network has stayed with them and kept this opportunity alive, as engineers and electricians behind the scenes scramble to get the power to the stadium sound system back on.

The announcers have been filling space for a few minutes as I’ve been writing this. But the blare of an electric guitar just seared through the television chatter, and the brothers are launching into their performance.

They are dominating.

This is awesome.

Sometimes, the power goes out.

Wait long enough, though, and the power comes back on.