I write songs for other people.

But I’ve never had one written for me.

And that’s the last thing I would have imagined happening, when I’d see Jack Tempchin walking down my street. I knew who he was: the songwriter behind ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ by the Eagles and a slew of other hits.

But he didn’t know me.

The story of how I ended up meeting Jack at a roadside bar is in the first For The Sender book. And since that night, we’ve written some pretty good songs together. ‘Act of God’ is one of my favorites.

Never thought he’d write a song for me, though.

Until I was forwarded an article in Billboard that read the gentle, reassuring “Song For You” was inspired by Alex Woodard, creator of the For The Sender music and book initiative.

“He stopped writing songs for himself and started writing songs based on letters his fans would send him, and he put together a group of Grammy-winning friends of his to make an album, and I’m part of that group,” Tempchin says. “Basically other people’s lives are in trouble and he writes a song for them. So I was thinking about (Woodard) and what he does when I wrote ‘Song For You,’ and it all seemed to fit well together into a song.”

You can listen to it right here.

Thanks, Jack.