This Is Why I Do What I Do

I heard from Scarlett Lewis yesterday, who lost her son Jesse in the Sandy Hook shootings. She sent me a letter awhile back that inspired me to write a song called ‘Celebration’ with Molly Jenson.

This video is why I do what I do… for the chance to help create a moment like this.

Scarlett can tell you the rest:

Amazing day in Stamford CT for Jesse’s playground ribbon cutting Sandy Ground project… Kids from Stamford schools sang ‘Celebration’ and the entire crowd of 500+ people gathered there sang along. It was breathtaking and Gorgeous! Thank you for yet another gift. Love, Scarlett

Listen To Alex on Healing From Within

In today’s episode of Healing from Within your host, Sheryl Glick interviews Alex Woodard, songwriter/author of For The Sender (Love Is Not A Feeling). Alex tells the story of his own journey from Southern California to the wide open skies of Southern Idaho, as he relates true stories of love, hardship and loss expressed in the letters he is given by people he meets and the songs he is inspired to write for each letter reflecting an understanding of what love really is and how we may continue to love even if we are not able to still be with the people we love.

Click here to listen to this interview.