I’m a registered Independent. Let’s get that out of the way. And if the election happened today, I would vote for my dog.

But you know what?

I have an Inner Trump.

So do you.

I can almost feel you bristling right now, either concerned about me or considering forever banning all communication between us.

Hear me out.

Donald Trump says what he thinks. And yeah, a lot of what he says may leave you shaking your head or

screaming with derision or punching the wall.

Or maybe you like what he says.

He doesn’t give a rat’s ass either way about how you react.

And this is where your Inner Trump comes in.

You have a truth that belongs only to you.

It’s waiting and pushing to get out.

It’s unique and unabashed.

It’s you, no-holds-barred.

Maybe that truth is that you’re gay, but haven’t told anyone because you’re afraid of what’s on the other side.

Maybe it’s a book you want to write, but haven’t because you’re afraid of what people will think of it. And you.

Maybe it’s a conversation you want to have, but won’t because you’re afraid of what the other person will say.

Maybe it’s a reinvention of yourself, starting with that dress or suit you’ve wanted to wear, the one that’s still hanging in the closet because you’re afraid of how people will react.

I don’t know. It’s your truth, not mine.

But it’s waiting to come out.

Your Inner Trump wants to express it, to show that truth, your truth, to the world, without caring what other people say about it.

But you may be shoving him down, telling him "not now" or "someday" or "not yet" or "what would they say if I let you speak."

So next time you’re fluttering all around in a whirl of anger or disbelief or agreement or whatever because of what Donald J. Trump is saying, separate what he’s saying from the fact that he’s actually saying it… however ludicrous or correct you may find what he says to be.

Because you can hate on or love on Donald Trump all you want, but he goes for it.

He lays it all on the table, like it or not.

He speaks his truth without apology.

Do you?