Ok, folks.

It seems that my last post about Trump touched a nerve. You should see some of the emails I've received. The funny thing is, most of those emails are spewing the same kind of hatred toward him that they say he spews toward others.

Kettle? Black?

And people can't get past their hatred for him to see that my message was actually much simpler and apolitical. His truth is his own. It may not be THE truth, and it may often be an immoral truth, but it is his, and he is speaking it. I didn't say it wasn't ridiculous.

And I certainly wasn't making a case for his candidacy or supporting him. For the love of God, come on people. Jesus. It's like you missed the part at the beginning where I said I'd vote for my dog before I voted for either candidate.

Ultimately, it's not possible for some of you to separate what he is saying from the fact that he is saying it because what he is saying infuriates you so much.

Ok. I get it.


This experience has taught me that people get fired up about politics, which I generally stay out of. I got to thinking about what else fires people up.

And so, in order to engage us all in a healthy discussion:

Catholic priests coverup. Evangelicals in general. The death penalty. Hillary. Bernie. Obama. Bush 1. Bush 2. Marijuana legalization. White people. Black people. Hispanic people. Cops. Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Ford vs. Chevy. Vegans. Cats vs. dogs. Omnivores. Lactose-intolerant people. Gluten. Gluten-Free. Gangsta Rap. Neil Diamond.

Ready..... GO!