10616010_967492889943439_772480175688951227_n My grandma has been dying for a long time. She's been unable to speak or move for a few years now, but I know she's in there somewhere. I'll usually bring her a cookie when I visit and feed her by hand. I can tell she loves it, but it wasn't until recently that I heard her actually say something. 'Thank you.' That was it, two words, her two steel-gray eyes staring straight at me. And then she was gone again. Once a week we're posting my thoughts on the message from each For The Sender chapter, making our way through both books and giving away a book autographed by the For The Sender family each time. So here's Chapter 1, Book 2. Share your story in the comments below and we'll choose a post and send you a book autographed by the For The Sender family.