I was on the way to bed last week when I got a text full of exclamation points and question marks and the word 'ellen.' It turns out 'FOR THE SENDER' made its way into ellen's hands (yes, that ellen) and she tweeted about it... and facebooked, and blogged and all that good stuff. She said she loved the book and it was a "literary and musical experience close to her heart." I thought that was cool. Thank you, ellen. ...and to celebrate last week's release, Taylor Guitars is running a promotion where we'll write a song for you, and they're giving away a beautiful guitar (and other stuff) too. No need to buy anything, or even send in a letter. for more details, go here: http://bit.ly/T0CHp4 Fall has come to Idaho... it is my favorite time of year, and the season when this whole journey began for me. I am grateful. See you out there! Alex